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Arm Liposuction:

Liposuction of the arms is almost exclusively a procedure for women. Liposuction will not transform you from obesity to the figure of a supermodel. It is intended to remove small fat deposits and other problem areas that diet and exercise cannot solve. A heavy, bulky arm gives the appearance of obesity or masculine. A thinner arm helps to give the appearance of a thinner body. The aesthetic goal of arm liposuction is for a woman to feel more attractive in social situations. It improves the disproportionate appearance of the arm, while maintaining the quality of female beauty. The goal is not to remove the maximum possible amount of fat. Excess fat removed from the arms of an obese body might appear deformed rather than beautiful. Drooping flap of the skin hanging from a fat arm can also be eliminated by this procedure. Today, arm liposuction is a fast, effective and nearly painless procedure.
Older liposuction techniques may need additional excision of skin from the inner side of the arm which may result in unsightly scars.

There are a number of different techniques which can be used. Water Assisted (WAL) technique uses cannula to deliver a fan of spray to break up and loosen the fat prior to suctioning. Another popular technique is the Ultrasonic Assisted (UAL) in which the cannula delivers energy that melts the fat prior to suctioning. The Power Assisted (PAL) involves a mechanized cannula that rapidly vibrates to break up and vacuum out the fat.Tumescent liposuction of the arms using microcannulas provides excellent cosmetic results and they do not involve the excision of skin. Laser liposuction has the unique ability to dissolve fat and tighten skin, work beautifully. A tiny cannula is inserted into the skin. The fat underneath is melted, dissolved, and removed via suction; then the skin around the incision can be tightened before sutures are applied. There is minimal scarring and swelling involved in this procedure. The results of arm liposuction are permanent.

Postoperative Care after liposuction of the arms is relatively simple with only a moderate degree of compression necessary for only a few days. Almost every patient attains a significant degree of improvement within a few days after surgery. Excessive compression may cause swelling of the forearms and hands. The most common cosmetic problem associated with liposuction of the arms is excessive and uneven removal of fat. Prolonged swelling or infection can occur in rare cases.
Cosmetic Surgery in India
Taking a major life decision to make changes to your body using cosmetic surgery is one that takes careful consideration and research.
Cosmetic Surgery Success Rate
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Cosmetic Surgery Cost in India
The cost of cosmetic surgery in India is much lower than what aesthetic surgeries cost in the United States, the United Kingdom and other First World countries. The costs of cosmetic surgery in India are lower because living in India is considerably inexpensive compared to living in the developed countries.
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